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Bisket Jatra Festival 2017

Bisket Jatra Festival 2017

Bisket Jatra-Unique Newari Festival Only Celebrated In Bhaktapur is one of the most important festival that is celebrated in Bhaktapur every once a year in the month of April on the 1st day of Nepali month Baisakh. The day is also celebrated as the New Year festival of Nepal.

The term Bisket Jatra is derived from Newari word Bi and Syaku which meaning snake laughter. One day before the festival the people of Bhaktapur install a long pole with two plain white flags near Bhadrakali Pit and Chunpit Ghat. These two plain flags symbolize the commitment of two snakes.
In this regard there is found two popular stories that speaks about the king, his daughter princess and her wedding and the death of the her prince as well as the next stories talk about the Trantic power of the local people invasion suppression and the death of the snake. So both the story centralized towards the snake.

The legend say that when the king daughter marry to any prince the prince will died after the first night of marry but no one can find any problem. So in the same time one brave prince from another country came in this place and he told he will marry the princess. At the night princess slept but the prince as not sleeping because to find the reason behind that but suddenly from the nose of the princess one thread like structure came out and turn into the snake and the brave prince killed the snake and they lived a happy life and the people of this area also became happy. Then from that day onwards people have celebrated this destroy of iniquity through the ceremony crash of chariots symbolizing the consummation of marriage and this festival. Thus till today you can see that this Bisket Jatra is celebrated with great enjoy.
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Posted on: April 11, 2017
Posted By:vntaiwan

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